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888 Provinces features the finest Chinese cuisine served in the Craven Heifer, Main Street, Addingham. Telephone: 01943 830106.

Opened on Friday 28th October 2011

Weekdays 11:00 am ~ 11:00 pm

Friday & Saturday 11:00 am ~ Midnight

Tea Project in Beijing

Coming Soon

Made to measure Silk garments for Men and Women

Previous Projects

Po Sang II Chinese Restaurant

Established in 1984, Po Sang was one of Ilkley's finest Restaurant. It was situated on the edge of the famous Ilkley Moor. Its name is significant to this natural beauty, as Po Sang means Precious Mountain in Chinese. Managed by Mrs Lee with her team of local employees.
Po Sang provided an oriental flavour to Yorkshire, as well as local charm and friendliness. With over 100 dishes to choose from, and over

Po Sang

20 yearsof experience, the Po Sang was one of the oldest and most popular Chinese Restaurant in Ilkley.
With the end of the property lease, the Po Sang has temporarily closed. As soon as a new location in Ilkley is found, it will re open.

Further information: E-Mail: info@chinamonitor.com

Triple Eight

Jointly established in 1998, by Sau Wan Chan of China Monitor, Terry Uttley of Smokie and John Wagstaff of Now Music Co. The venture was to exploit the vast Media market China had to offer. With special relationship between Triple Eight based in the UK and Beijing Light Culture Communication Co. in China, Triple Eight was able to promote Smokie's Rock music in China, as well as many other ventures. This special relationship between Triple Eight and China has allowed great union of producing and promoting for the varying audiences of both the British and Chinese Culture.

Triple Eight Music

Triple Eight initiated the venture with promoting the long established band, Smokie in China. Smokie famous for their single 'Living Next Door to Alice' was now willing to set foot into China. For a start they produced a new Chinese Single 'Nan Li WanSmokie' (sung in Chinese). This was both promoted in China and performed on Yorkshire Television (GRANADA). With this great new hit and other classic rock titles, they now prepared to hold a gig in Beijing. The gig was followed by Yorkshire Television to produce a series of televised programmes about Smokie on Tour. The televised programme was shown on prime time TV across Yorkshire and other parts of the UK. The organisation of utilising both British and Chinese production team has brought success to the whole package of promoting Smokie, Triple Eight allowed the performance of British Music into China to be triumphant. The Beijing concerts were a huge success and the song 'Nan Li Wan' proved a real hit.

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